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Black Male Initiative Fund seeks to create effective outcomes for our communities by empowering black men economically and civically through the use of direct action, advocacy, and grassroots organizing. In doing so, we will be able to achieve our vision of a healthy, just, and equitable society.

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Education is one of the most important keys to self-actualization. The systemic, historical obstructions to education for black men has made the path to that self-actualization a difficult one. This lack of education contributes to the downward spiral of limited economic opportunities, subjugation under the law, and a plethora of other problems that prevent black men from achieving success in life. 

The Education Pillar is dedicated to ensuring black men have full access to a wide array of educational opportunities that can enrich their lives personally and professionally. 



When it comes to black men and health, there is a stereotype that the topic is taboo for us or not often discussed. The narrative that black men are not equipped to openly discuss their emotions, stressors or ailments is false. We merely don’t discuss them the same way as others may. This stems from historic mischaracterizations of us as hyer masculine, less susceptible to pain and always feeling as if we have to be the ever vigilant protector. 

As a result of these and other factors, we are experiencing a real physicalhealth crisis in our communities that is negatively impacting blackmen, women, children and elders. In addition, a myriad of mental wellness challenges go undiagnosed and treated in our community annually. 

The Mental Health & Wellness Pillar is dedicated to supporting black men on their mental and physical health and wellness journey. We encourage black men to take advantage of the spaces created for us to discuss our needs and to ensure that our health concerns and needs are taken seriously by our community. 

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The historic tragedy of slavery and the dehumanization of Black People has  created an overwhelming system of economic inequality that oppresses tens of millions of black households today. 

The economic reality of Black people cannot be repaired without a deep and intentional long term investment of resources into our communities.

Our Economic Empowerment Pillar is committed to fighting to see that such an investment becomes a reality. We also recognize the need to develop sustainable economic development within our own communities. We are focused on educating Black Men to use every economic tool at their disposal to aid in the full and proper care and liberation of our people.

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One of the most valuable resources Black Men have at their disposal is civic engagement. Whether at the ballot box or in the streets, our ability to organize in formation with one another is a critical component to our strategy to build power. It is only by strategizing, organizing and mobilizing our resources through collective action that we will be able to win  and protect substantive victories for our people. 
Our civic engagement pillar is dedicated to developing a powerful cadre of Black Men committed to serve as strategists and political operatives equipped with the skills necessary to advance our organizational agenda in order to secure the  robust and lasting advancement that our communities deserve to create the just society we are fighting for!

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Historically, black men have borne the brunt of the criminal justice system.  As a result, families and communities have been decimated and because of predatory laws, men under the control of the criminal justice system are being denied basic rights such as housing, education, employment, voting rights, and parental rights, among others.

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